Faith Story - Donna Pierquet

Faith Story - Donna Pierquet

I was one vanilla latte away from fully committing to a mega church.  It was just so easy.  Each Sunday, we’d drop our kids off at their own age-appropriate Sunday school classrooms, bring the baby to the nursery, grab a delicious coffee, and gather in the worship hall to hear the message from the pastor and some Christian rock music.  We connected with other families who shared our same values, many of whom had been raised Catholic, like us.  We met weekly to worship together and built a faith community around us.  I loved it.  I thought I had found my church.  It all seemed perfect.  However, God had a different plan.  

Once each month, the non-denominational community celebrated Communion.  Each time it happened, I felt a strong nagging to simply sit.  I couldn’t join in.  Afterwards, I’d talk with my husband, Brian, about this struggle in my heart.  One Sunday, as those around me got up to participate in the bread and wine, my friend whispered to me, “Why aren’t you going up for Communion?”  

“I just can’t.”  I said firmly.

“Oh, you Catholics,” she said as she sympathetically patted me on the shoulder and rolled her eyes.

And that’s when it hit me:  I am a Catholic!  Those years of attending Catholic school, praying the rosary, and participating in the Mass had deep meaning.  God was leading me, but I didn’t know how to listen, and I wasn’t taking the time to talk with Him.  What I did pay attention to was the connection I felt to the Eucharist.  I couldn’t deny my belief in the sacraments. It was too important to my faith journey. I needed to find my church, and it needed to be a Catholic church.  

Very soon after joining Holy Apostles, I was asked to participate in small group discipleship training.  I jumped right in!  For me, the discipleship training was transformational.   Being a part of this small group gave our family an instant community within the Holy Apostles parish.  It made this big parish, feel small.   Most importantly, the discipleship training solidified my connection to the sacraments.  

Our small group spoke openly with each other about our diverse faith journeys, prayed for and with one another, and read and discussed the Bible.  From that powerful experience, I strengthened my discipleship habits because we held each other accountable.  I learned that it was so much more than attending Sunday Mass.  Creating a relationship with God, takes habit-forming practices.  I began to schedule my prayer time into our family calendar.  Taking time to pause daily, softened the chaos around me in order to speak with Him. As a result of this quiet time, I felt God’s presence in all areas of my life.  This deepening of prayer is the most precious gift that emerged from my small group experience, and I am so very grateful.


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Last Published: December 8, 2017 11:04 AM
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