Faith Story - Scott Lassa


Faith Story - Scott Lassa

Scott LassaBefore I joined a discipleship small group and trained to lead groups, I was simply going through the motions when it came to my prayer life and relationship with Jesus.  I had gone through some struggles with my job and did somethings to correct that, but I was still looking for some direction.  I was waiting for a “door” to open.  Therefore, I said yes to the opportunity to be a part of and lead a small group without hesitation.  While I didn’t really know what I was getting into, it just felt right.

When I arrived at a fellow member’s house that first night, I knew no one, but immediately felt welcomed.  Throughout the leader training experience, I learned not only from a book but from all the other people, my fellow “disciples”. I learned how they pray and how they walk with Jesus. What a truly great experience to grow with such amazing people, who were surprisingly just like me!  I am so glad I walked through that door that opened for me.

I have just finished leading another small group with a fellow disciple.  Again, I am amazed at what wonderful people are part of the Holy Apostles community.  As a facilitator, you still learn as the teacher; I continue to learn so much from the group I lead.  I continue to improve getting to know Jesus and what that means for me personally.  I have learned that there are many ways to know and love Jesus, not just one way.  This discipleship journey has created a want with in me to become more like Christ in my daily life. I continue to grow and have faith that there is more than just going through the motions!

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Last Published: January 4, 2018 3:21 PM
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