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Adoration Chapel
Come Pray with Us!

Monstrance 2The Adoration Chapel is open! The chapel will be open for daily prayer from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm and can be accessed through the outdoor entrance on the West side of the church.

All are welcome to come during our open Chapel hours.  If someone is signed up in a slot, you are still welcome to come and pray.  The slots are here to help you get in the habit of prayer.  Our goal is to have someone present in the Chapel 15 hours a day. Thank you for spending time with the Lord! Questions?  Call or email Jan Fredrickson, 262/786-7330 or

Follow these instructions to sign up:

Select the time you want by clicking on it.  If more than one time slot, just drag up or down the time slots you want to fill.  Go to the top of the schedule and choose “Book” button.  For the first time scheduling, go to User and select “Create a new user.”  You will notice a section called “New User Details” and this is where you enter your email address, first and last name, phone number and move the button to “on” for Trusted (this allows you to view and book).  Above, you will see a “Repeat” button and this is where you can choose to have your time slot repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.  If you don’t want to repeat your time slot, just leave it at none.  Finish by selecting the “√ Confirm Booking” button.
If you accidentally choose a time slot that you don’t want after it’s been booked, or need to cancel your time slot for some reason, click on the arrow pointing down on the right side of the time slot, choose “Remove Booking”, select “√ Yes, do it” and it will be removed from the schedule.
After you created yourself as a new user and you want to schedule a time slot again, select the time you want by clicking on it.  Choose “Book” button, choose your name under “User”, select “Repeat” if you want to have your time slot repeated and then choose “√ Confirm Booking” button.


Last Published: February 21, 2018 11:37 AM
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