Campaign Next Steps


Phase One of the Campaign: $ 3.9M Raised

Phase One of the Growing to Serve, Rooted in Faith building campaign is complete due to the great support from the parishioners and community.  In 2017, we laid the foundation for growth by completing the fire protection installation, audio/video enhancements, an additional 3K classroom, and the rectory demolition. Our Adoration Chapel was completed in January of 2018. The final costs were under budget by $77,000. The three-year campaign rolled out in the fall of 2015 with pledges running from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018. Phase One was completed with the cash we had on hand.

Phase Two of the Campaign: $3M Goal

The construction team breaks ground on the Welcome Center this fall with an estimated completion slated for June of 2019. With a construction budget of $3.6 million, the remaining funds from Phase One —about $2.3 million—are being used to begin construction and the balance will be financed.

Holy Apostles is currently exploring the possibility of raising as much as $3 million during Phase Two of Growing to Serve, Rooted in Faith to repay the project financing as well as provide funds to purchase adjacent land in the future to accommodate our anticipated growth.

Welcome Center Completion: Total Cost: $3.6M; Total Need: $1.3M

The Welcome Center will be constructed adjacent to the church, built on the site of what was our rectory. It will serve as a welcoming center for our parishioners and guests. Key components of the Center include a general office area, several conference rooms, two living room style meeting rooms, a hospitality center, new restrooms, and a general assembly area.

Adjacent Land as Available for Future Growth: Total Need: $1.7M

With the shortage in parking, an aging facility, and a limited physical footprint, it is a strategic decision to have funds available to purchase adjacent land as it becomes available. This land opens doors to future projects that will support the parish and the school. After repayment of the debt, Holy Apostles plans to purchase properties to the east of the parish when they become available.

Last Published: October 1, 2018 2:04 PM
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