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Getting Involved - School 

To get involved in any of these opportunities, please contact Jennifer Flanagan (262-786-4086).

School Volunteer

Supports and enhances the teachings and efforts of school staff by assisting in classrooms, lunchroom, playground and office.

Home & School

Fosters effective communication and cooperation between parents, educators, staff and the community; support the spiritual and educational mission of the home and school; provide well-planned programs/ activities of information and interest to parents and students; promote the advancement of Catholic Education; and conduct fundraising projects to financially assist phases of the educational process as needed. 

Athletic & Association

Develops an interscholastic athletic program at Holy Apostles School. Provides a positive learning experience for Christian development through a competitive environment which teaches sportsmanship and teamwork while giving our students the opportunity to improve their knowledge of sports and skill levels. The program strives to develop self-worth, sportsmanship, discipline, respect for authority, and physical well-being.


School Choir


To get involved in any of these opportunities, please contact Jennifer Flanagan (262-786-4086).  




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