Rachel Madden

Mission Director:  Youth

Rachel has worked closely with the Youth, Child and Family, and Service areas of the parish to support these ministries and our mission as a church.  She approaches everything she does with great enthusiasm, energy, and a love for people.  As a missionary leader, she is committed to walking with people so they grow in their relationship with Jesus and the community.  She has experience in motivating groups, program coordination, and relationship building.  The Edge Middle School program by Life Teen and the Chosen Confirmation program will continue to anchor our faith formation experiences for youth.  Both offer a place for youth to grow in a small group community that is fun, relevant, and encourages them to encounter Jesus in a profound, personal way.  We look forward to how Rachel’s unique gifts and perspective will strengthen these programs, and the experiences she will develop to set the youth on fire for their faith!

Last Published: November 15, 2018 3:40 PM