Michael Lex

Mission Coordinator of Technology

In this 21st century world, it is necessary to recognize the role that technology plays in the education of our children and in the development of our faith.  My mission is to help Holy Apostles to continue grow into this 21st century reality and to be a resource for the continued technological growth of our community.  I will help the faculty and staff at Holy Apostles to envision how technology can improve their lessons and the education of their students.  I will help the parish and school to envision the possibilities for our future and how we can utilize technology to engage our faith in Christ in new and amazing ways.  I am here as a technology coordinator to help Holy Apostles to see the ways in which technology can be of service to their own unique and God-given vocations.  For just as God grants us all things through His glory, we must use those gifts and tools to reflect back praise and honor Him.

Last Published: November 16, 2018 12:30 PM