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Stay Connected

Whether you are a lifelong parishioner or just visiting, we are glad you are here and we would love to stay connected with you!
Bulletin - Our weekly Parish Bulletin is available at all weekend Masses. Extra bulletins are available in the Parish Office entrance, Welcome Center, and the Adoration Chapel throughout the week. View our bulletin online here. Click on "subscribe" to receive notifications when the newest bulletin is published. If you would like to advertise your business in our bulletin, contact Liturgical Publications Inc (LPI) at (800) 950-9952.

Email Updates - Our parish sends out email updates every Thursday and Sunday through Flocknote. To sign up for these emails, click here

Social Media - Our parish uses social media often to publicize events and activities. Click here to view our Facebook page. Click here to view our Instagram page. You do not need to create an account to view our pages.

Youtube - Our parish livestreams every 10am Sunday Mass as well as Feast Day Masses, Funerals, and special events. We also publish videos about upcoming events and service projects. Click here to view our Holy Apostles Youtube Channel. You do not need to create an account to view.


Communications Requests

If you have an event, idea, or update that you would like added in our Parish Communications, please contact the Communications team at
All Bulletin and Flocknote requests are normally due the week before on Friday at noon in exception for during special holiday schedules. Our Communications Calendar gets filled quickly. The sooner you send in your requests, the better.

Parish and School events and activities are always first priority. When a community event cannot be published in the bulletin, we may add it to our Neighborhood News page and social media instead. Click here to view a detailed description on how to make a request and frequently asked questions about communications.

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