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In the past, we may have let healing be the work of priests, sisters and chaplains. We may have heard others talking about calling the priest before someone is about to die and ask for the “last rites.” We used to think that the anointing was our “last rites” – “extreme unction” we called it. But we know that you don’t have to be dying to be anointed. The strong grace of the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is available to all who are seriously sick, to those who embrace the challenges of growing old, and to those in need of healing of body, mind, or soul.


This sacrament can be celebrated before one enters the hospital or at the hospital with family and friends gathered around. When there is the opportunity to plan ahead, we can celebrate anointing at one of our weekday Masses, or on the weekend, or in someone’s home if they are unable to come to the community. It is meant to be prayer that strengthens and comforts those who are ill or who are about to face serious surgery.


Please contact the Parish Office at (262) 786-7330 for more information about receiving the Anointing of the Sick. 

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