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Have you every thought about being a priest?


Priests are always there when we come together as a community to pray on Sundays and Holy Days. They also are with us at significant moments in our lives, like baptisms, marriages, sicknesses and deaths. We know that God has called individuals to priesthood in the past and trust that God will continue to call individuals in the present.


If you have ever thought that God is calling you, we invite you to contact Fr. Arul at (262) 786-7330 or thinkpriest.orgthe website for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Vocation Office. 

Have you ever felt the call to become a Deacon?

Permanent Deacons are ordained ministers of the Church. Typically, Deacons serve in a variety of ministries, including ministries of care, outreach, christian formation and youth ministry. Deacons are also called to serve as ministers of the Word by preaching and proclaiming the Gospel, as well as ministers of Sacraments by presiding a funerals, vigils, baptisms, marriages and other blessings. Deacons are not substitutes for priests, but are a unique ordained order that reflects the image of “Christ the Servant.” 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Deacon, we invite you to visit the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Office of Diaconate Formation or to contact our Deacon here at Holy Apostles, Deacon Mike Chmielewski, at (262) 782- 6783. 

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