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Holy Apostles Catholic School has a rich history of providing academic excellence and faith-based educational experiences to students 3K-8th grade.


We strive to provide the best possible academic instruction to meet the needs of each student, and also believe that teaching a love for Christ is just as important in developing the whole person. Our challenging, engaging and innovative curriculum coupled with regular opportunities for our children to grow in faith and service, ensure we are providing a strong, Catholic education.


The students and staff of Holy Apostles School are part of a shared journey be disciples who Love God. Love Others, and Transform Our World. 

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Family Discipleship is not your ordinary faith formation. This experience transcends the traditional religious education model to include families with children first through sixth grade. The focus is on building a relationship with Jesus while building relationships with one another. What is Family Discipleship?


We know that parents play the primary role as the first educators of their children and help set a spiritual foundation for their family. At Holy Apostles, we support you in this role by providing tools and experiences to practice their faith, both as part of our community and at home.


During Family Discipleship, families have the opportunity to participate in Catholic formation through engaging, interactive activities within a group setting, working together, and building community.

2023-2024 Family Discipleship Registration

  • Register for Family Discipleship here.

  • View the 2023-2024 Family Discipleship Calendar here.


  • View Catholic Family Resources from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

  • Follow Family Discipleship on Instagram.

  • Receive Text and Email updates, by texting hafaith to 84-576.

  • Contact Teresa Tobin, Mission Manager: Child & Family, at (262) 754-0157 or

Family Discipleship


There is no better gift that we can give our children!


We are here to support you in your role of passing on our faith to your child. Our family discipleship programs and our school are here to supplement what you are already teaching your child about their faith, and we are right here along side you as prepare for the important moment in their lives where they come face-to-face with God.

Each child who receives a Sacrament at our parish is being welcomed and accepted into our wider faith community, and how we as a community prepare children to receive the Sacraments says a lot about how we understand the Sacrament. Our group centered experiences and celebrations help emphasize the important role family and community play in the nourishment of Christian life. As a community, who come together to witness the communal nature of Reconciliation and the celebration the Eucharist.

Here are a few things you need to know before your child can start to prepare for the sacraments. 

  • Sacrament preparation is done at home with family and materials are provided. 

  • Your child must be at least 7 years old and in second grade or above. 

  • Your child must have at least one year of faith formation beginning in first grade prior to preparing for the sacraments. This means that your family needs to participate in Family Discipleship OR your child is enrolled in Catholic School. 

  • Family Discipleship Formation is expected to continue through 6th grade at which time, children will move into Middle School Discipleship.  

  • Families (school and parish) are expected to make their Catholic faith a priority. 

  • Families (school and parish) are expected to be practicing Catholics and participating in weekly Mass. 

  • Families (school or parish) can expect to be invited into the life of the church and encouraged to accept the invitation.

Sacrament Preparation will take place at home using the Blessed program by Dynamic Catholic. If you have questions regarding registration, please contact

Teresa Tobin at (262) 754-0157 or

View the 2023-2024 Sacramental Preparation Calendar here. Register here.

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This family-oriented camp packs in three full days of programming and recreation on the beautiful Vista Retreat grounds in Dundee, Wisconsin.  Families arrive at this summer camp Wednesday night ready to spend the rest of the week devoted to growing their individual and family's faith life and relationship with God.


For 50+ years, this camp has been run entirely by Holy Apostles Vista members. It passes the generation spectrum, which makes this one of the most unique ministries here at Holy Apostles. Vista gatherings happen year round cultivating life long relationships. 


Vista is open to all families wanting to grow in community and faith.


For more information, email us at


Vacation Bible School or "VBS" is a fun five-day series in the summer for 4k to 5th grade students to learn and grow in their faith. Learn more about the "best week of the summer" by clicking the button below!

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