Holy Apostles Catholic Parish is a vibrant community of people working together to Love God. Love Others. And Transform Our World. We are a place where faith can be nurtured and where people are encouraged to know Christ and make Christ known.


We strive to practice our faith by living our six Habits of Discipleship:


A disciple prays alone and with others.


A disciple spends time with the Word of God through reading, prayer, and study. 


A disciple celebrates the Sacraments – especially the Eucharist. 


A disciple continues to grow by learning how to demonstrate faith in daily life. 


A disciple gratefully acknowledges and uses gifts to bring joy and hope to others and to become who God created. 


A disciple continues the mission of Jesus by serving others – especially the last, the lost, the least, and the lonely. 



Discover Holy Apostles

If you have visited us and wish to join our parish, or if you are just curious to learn more about us, this is the perfect place for you! Here, you will learn more about what our faith community has to offer, and more importantly, we will learn more about you! 

To register, please contact

Terri Engsberg - Mission Manager: Adult Discipleship


Holy Apostles School 

Holy Apostles Catholic School has a rich history of providing academic excellence and faith-based educational experiences to students 3K-8th grade. The students and staff of Holy Apostles School are part of our shared journey to be disciples who Love God, Love Others and Transform Our World. 

We invite you to visit our school's website for more information or click here to schedule a tour!


We believe that the relationships developed and nurtured here are what makes our faith community so vibrant and unique.

Whether you gather here for our social community events, to celebrate Mass, to explore your relationship with Christ, to teach your children the ways of our faith, or simply to find comfort and strength from those who gather here, you belong at Holy Apostles! 

We invite you to be part of our community! 




Do you have questions about your faith? Join us for ALPHA!


ALPHA is a series of interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each session focuses on a different question about faith and is designed to create conversation. ALPHA is an experience that is hosted all around the world, and everyone is welcome to experience it right here with us at Holy Apostles. 

What should you expect at an ALPHA session? 

First, there's food. We start there because it's a great way to encourage community and get to know each other. Then, there's a video, usually around 30 minutes long, that explores the big issues around faith and unpacks the basics of Christianity. Next up is the most important part of ALPHA---the discussion. There’s no obligation to say anything. And there’s nothing you can’t say. It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment. 

Who comes to ALPHA?

ALPHA is for people of all ages and different places in their faith. It is for someone looking to begin or restore a relationship with Jesus. It is for people looking to get back to basics and experience personal growth. It is for people who embrace the mission of the church and want others to meet Jesus too. 

Currently, we are hosting ALPHA in person on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm from September 8th to November 17th.

Questions about ALPHA at Holy Apostles? Please e-mail us at alpha@hanb.org or register here.

Click here to learn more about ALPHA! 


Becoming a Catholic is a joyous experience! Some receive this gift while they are infants, while others come into the Catholic community later in  life. 

If you are an individual who has not yet been baptized, or if you have been baptized but have not received Eucharist or Confirmation, and you are looking to deepen your faith, we're so glad you're here!

We invite you to learn more about the process through which we welcome or reconnect you with the Catholic Church. The journey is guided by members of our community, but is ultimately a personal journey in which you will grow in your identity as a Catholic. 

To learn more about how Holy Apostles can be part of your faith journey, please contact Jenny Bruders (262) 422-9463, Chuck Butscher (262)-352-0880, or Jay Landry (262)-710-0367.