“To focus on that little piece of Jesus you get to hold in your hand ... that was a game-changer.”

-- Susie Duecker

One of the things I struggled with was making it to Mass. I even asked the priest about it, “What can I do to help me feel motivated to go.” He said whenever I pray the Our Father to really focus on …Give us this day our daily bread. To focus on the Eucharist, to focus on that little piece of Jesus you get to hold in your hand, that was a game-changer. That skyrocketed my love for God. Anytime I missed Mass or missed Communion it killed me to not be able to take it.


To truly love Him, to feel it in my heart like he is my best friend, that made all the difference. Then loving others, became so much easier.


By each of us loving other people as much as we can, especially the ones we don’t want to love, those are the little steps, the ripple effects that grow and grow. We don’t even see them, but they make the biggest difference.


A disciple celebrates the Sacraments--especially the Eucharist. 


Baptism is the first step in forming a     relationship with Jesus Christ and          welcomes one into the Church—the Body of Christ. Baptism celebrates the welcoming of an individual into the church. 

Baptisms are celebrated at any of the available weekend liturgies. ​ 

Upcoming Baptism Prep Classes are from 6:30-8:00 pm in the Welcome Center: Peter conference room. Godparents are encouraged to attend as well. 

January 11

February 8

March 8

April 5

May 10

June 7

If you would like to celebrate a Baptism at Holy Apostles, please contact Jan Fredrickson at 

jfredrickson@hanb.org or (262) 786-7330 for more information.



We encounter Jesus, fully present, in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. By practicing this habit, we open ourselves to be filled with the Divine Life of Jesus so that we can be transformed more fully into his likeness. 

Beautiful in its simplicity, the Mass is a two-step journey into the very heart of Christ. First, we encounter Christ as he speaks his Word of love to us in the Scriptures and invites us into a deep relationship. Then---as if that wasn't amazing enough---we encounter Christ taking, blessing, breaking and giving us his Body and Blood. 

We invite you to come celebrate the Eucharist with us! 

To celebrate a First Eucharist at Holy Apostles, please click here for more information. 


The regular practice of Reconciliation helps us to name and repair the ways we have separated ourselves from God, others and ourselves. We know our sins are real, and like a pebble thrown into a pond, causes ripples of harm to the people around us.


Through His once and for all sacrifice, Jesus has placed his mercy and forgiveness at the doorstep of our hearts. All we need to do is open that door and walk in repentance to encounter Him. He is there waiting for us in love and mercy.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered every Wednesday, from 5:00 - 6:00 PM in the Welcome Center, Timothy conference room. 

To celebrate a First Reconciliation at Holy Apostles, click here for more information. 


The Sacrament of Confirmation is a time to take ownership and say 'yes' to your faith journey as a Catholic. At Confirmation, we are sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide us to live a life in relationship with Christ and our Church. 

To prepare for Confirmation as a teen at Holy Apostles, click here for more information. 

If you are an adult interested in learning more about becoming Catholic, click here


Marriage in the Catholic Church joins a husband, a wife, and God in a  lifelong partnership. Marriage forms us to grow in love, kindness, mercy, and holiness, and ultimately helps us become the best version of ourselves.


If you wish to be married at Holy Apostles, please contact Fr. Arul at (262) 786-5445 at least six months prior to the date.

Marriage Preparation Booklet


Have you every thought about being a priest?


Priests are always there when we come together as a community to pray on Sundays and Holy Days. They also are with us at significant moments in our lives, like baptisms, marriages, sicknesses and deaths. We know that God has called individuals to priesthood in the past and trust that God will continue to call individuals in the present. If you have ever thought that God is calling you, we invite you to contact Fr. Don at (262) 786-7330 or thinkpriest.orgthe website for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Vocation Office. 

Have you ever felt the call to become a Deacon?

Permanent Deacons are ordained ministers of the Church. Typically, Deacons serve in a variety of ministries, including ministries of care, outreach, christian formation and youth ministry. Deacons are also called to serve as ministers of the Word by preaching and proclaiming the Gospel, as well as ministers of Sacraments by presiding a funerals, vigils, baptisms, marriages and other blessings. Deacons are not substitutes for priests, but are a unique ordained order that reflects the image of “Christ the Servant.” 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Deacon, we invite you to visit the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Office of Diaconate Formation or to contact our Deacon here at Holy Apostles, Deacon Mike Chmielewski, at (262) 782- 6783. 



The scriptures present to us a Jesus who heals. The implication for us is that we as a church continue the work of Jesus—including the work of healing.

In the past, we may have let healing be the work of priests, sisters and chaplains. We may have heard others talking about calling the priest before someone is about to die and ask for the “last rites.” We used to think that the anointing was our “last rites” – “extreme unction” we called it. But we know that you don’t have to be dying to be anointed. The strong grace of the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is available to all who are seriously sick, to those who embrace the challenges of growing old, and to those in need of healing of body, mind, or soul.


This sacrament can be celebrated before one enters the hospital or at the hospital with family and friends gathered around. When there is the opportunity to plan ahead, we can celebrate anointing at one of our weekday Masses, or on the weekend, or in someone’s home if they are unable to come to the community. It is meant to be prayer that strengthens and comforts those who are ill or who are about to face serious surgery.


Please contact the Parish Office at (262) 786-7330 for more information about receiving the Anointing of the Sick.